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Music Propaganda

We're all pretty familiar with the burgeoning scandal regarding fake news that springs from the government propaganda machine and other news-based control weirdness but is anyone looking at payola in the country music world?

Horse Open Mic

  Horse Open Mic 
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I teach poetry in classrooms here and again. One engagement I keep every year is to do a Found Poetry session to the kids at Mrs. Duckhorn's class at Queen of Angels School in Chicago. The kids sent thank you notes. This one combines my presentation with one of th great interests of many 3rd grade girls-- horses. Put them together and you get a couple of horses reading and hearing poetry at an open mic.

Stick on the Other Foot

  Stick on the Other Foot 
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I am not a violent man, but there is little that warms my heart more than to see common people in dress shirts beating riot-geared government troops with sticks. It is good to see power retreat. Healthy, like crocuses bursting from dusty leaves, to see turnover here and again.

J. J. Jameson Arrested

A fixture in the Chicago Poetry scene for over a decade, a guy I spent a lot of time with at Puddin' Head Books in the early 90s, an author who signed a copy of his book to my as-yet-to-be-born first son when it was published, was arrested yesterday.

Poetic Justice Served To Fugitive On Run
Murderer Arrested In Chicago

BOSTON -- He's been a fugitive 10 years longer than James "Whitey" Bulger, and on the state's most wanted poster he has been No. 1.

NewsCenter 5's David Boeri reported that serving two life sentences for murder, Norman Porter didn't break out, he walked out of a state prison in 1985. Porter's 20-year run was put to an end in Chicago Tuesday with a certain amount of poetry.

In Chicago, where he has been named poet of the month, J.J. Jameson is a man about town, frequently appearing in front of microphones as reader or master of ceremonies. You can even hear him reading his own poems on the web.

But fingerprints recently analyzed by the FBI indicated that J.J. Jameson is none other than Porter, the notorious Massachusetts fugitive and a violent killer.

Porter, 65, has apparently been living under the alias of Jameson for a number of years in Chicago, where he was arrested Tuesday by the fugitive team of the Massachusetts State Police and the Department of Corrections.

When he escaped from the Norfolk Pre-Release Center 20 years ago, Porter was serving two life sentences for murder. As a violent young robber, he had not so poetically put a shotgun to the back of a store clerk's head and pulled the trigger. Then, while awaiting trial, he escaped the Middlesex Jail by killing the superintendent with a smuggled gun.

Though he was serving time for two murders, he was considered a model prisoner. He was allowed numerous furloughs from this prison without walls. Then, one day in September 1985, he signed himself out for a walk. He still hasn't returned.

Porter's arrest resulted from fingerprints taken after a suspect identifying himself as Jameson was arrested in Chicago in 1993 on charges of theft. But for some reason there was no match made at the time with those fingerprints.

State police were unaware of the arrest, the alias or his presence in Chicago until they were recently notified that someone matching Porter's fingerprints had been arrested 12 years ago.

Following an intensive search of public records and the Internet, they zeroed in on Chicago's poet of the month. The fugitive squad found Porter at a Unitarian Church where he's been a congregation leader and historian.

According to police, after the initial shock, he said, "I've had a good 20 years."

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How I Feel Today

  How I Feel Today 
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Like a trillion unconscious crocuses, aching against a trillion soily pressure points, winning the war of Spring.

"I could do that in my sleep"

Lots of people brag about being so adept at doing something that they could do it in their sleep. Bush is so good at kowtowing to the religious right when the stakes are low that he can do it in his sleep.

Mr. Bush, who returned to Washington from his Crawford ranch on Sunday, was awakened after the House passed the Schiavo bill at 12:42 a.m. His staff secretary, Brett Kavanaugh, delivered the legislation to be signed, which Mr. Bush did while standing in a hallway.

Idea: News Photo Time Montage

  Ebbers With Woman 
  Originally uploaded by juggernautco.

This application would automatically obtain images taken at the same news event by multiple photographers and display them in an AJAX application that allows the user to array them in any order they want. The idea is that the images could be displayed in some logical order based on time and space.

This way, we can see a grouping of essentially the same images displayed in one screen, with slight differences based on the vantage point of the photographer and the slight differences in the time that the shot was taken.

A  classic example of this can be seen in the Courtroom Exeunt of Bernie Ebbers and his wife after he was convicted yesterday in New York. As they emerge from the courthouse, Mrs. Ebbers is stern and ashen-faced. As they plunge toward the sidewalk, and attempt to hail a cab, she breaks down and begins to cry. At some point, Ebbers breaks from his wife and put his arm around a woman who happened to be caught up in the hubbub. His stepdaughter is in some of the photos.

Arraying these photos in one screen, along with a narrative of the scene, would be interesting and (it seems) not a horribly difficult programming task, based on what is already out there in the world of Flickr and mini-apps like mappr.

Waddaya think?

DevCorp North offers computer classes in Rogers Park

DevCorp North, a great neighborhood organization in the Rogers Park neighborhood here in Chicago, has a mission to "improve the business and economic climate of Rogers Park through business, community and economic development."

One of the ways they do that is bilingual computer classes in English and Spanish. Here's their announcement:

DevCorp North is happy to announce that our next session of computer classes has begun. Classes are taught in both English and Spanish and will include instruction on Internet use, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, marketing materials and business documents. A class schedule is listed below.

Registration is open now from 9 am to 5 pm. Registrants are welcome to come by the DevCorp North office located at 1448 W. Howard St. or call (773) 508-5885 if you have any questions about class times or availability.

Maybe sometime I could teach my bilingual internet skills classes there as well.

Daley Center Chicago: HVAC for the Weary

  Daley Center Chicago 
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I've always been attuned to HVAC-- Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning-- in architecture. the design of a building's HVAC system can make or break its success, but it seems that too few architects pay much attention to it.

Very often you'll walk into a place that blasts you with hot stale air as soon as you buzz through the door. Or you have the misfortune of having a desk beneath a vent pointed right at you. Or when the air kicks in the whole building shakes.

The Daley Center in Chicago has an HVAC system that practically defines it. Very subtly, it envelops the people inside with sounds and a distinctive smell.

The building, built in 1965 by C. F. Murphy Associates, is a classic glass & steel structure with a brownish/ black skin that has weathered nicely with time. The entire perimeter of the building has heating units that run along the glass. Every floor, every window, has a wide, inviting radiator along the edge.

This is perfect for the nervous clumps of plaintiffs and defendants who come to the building every day. People stand and sit in respectful distances from opponents, and the constant hum of the air conditioning makes for a built-in sound muffler.

It is so oddly comforting and womb-like in such a stressful place.

Sun Creeper

  Sun Creeper 
  Originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I placed my car in the sun's way.
It didn't seem to care,
and burned the snow using its shadow-tool


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