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Wide Right Turn Got FlickrBlogged.

Some people think that the central glory of Flickr is the Superstar Image. I like that stuff, too. But I love the obsessive nature of image-making that Flickr nurtures.

Last night Heather of the FlickrBlog posted about a goofball set of truck images that is 127 photos strong. She also linked to a set that showed the backs of trucks. I hustled to FlickrMail and pointed her to my Wide Right Turn stuff and she added a link to them. Not a gorgeous image in the lot. Just a lot of weird curation. I like it.

Tigger and Piglet Are Dead

Usually obituary-related items end up over here at /obits/, (can't say GoogObits anymore), but this one is pretty odd and needs to be here filed under "Um".

I've long been fascinated by the concept of who dies on the same day. Today we have a doozy. The obituaries of Paul Winchell, 82, TV Host and Film Voice of Pooh's Tigger, and John Fiedler, 80, Stage Actor and Film Voice of Pooh's Piglet appeared in the NYT in the same day.

Winchell was also Gargamel. Fiedler was from Plattevile, summer home of The Bears. Bless them.

NYT Archive > Hellen Keller

Here's a great obituary for Helen Keller, with excerpt:

Despite the celebrity that accrued to her and the air of awesomeness with which she was surrounded in her later years, Miss Keller retained an unaffected personality and a certainty that her optimistic attitude toward life was justified.

"I believe that all through these dark and silent years, God has been using my life for a purpose I do not know," she said recently, adding:

"But one day I shall understand and then I will be satisfied."

God Bless Tom Cruise

Now I don't often write about current affairs here, preferring to stick with original ideas and goofball documentation over bloggy links and comments. But I have to post about Tom Cruise and Alessandra Staley's take on his lecture of Matt Lauer yesterday. I really think she's on to something.

And he went way off on a tangent with Mr. Lauer, veering away from his movie and new fiancée to defend his attack on Brooke Shields. (He reproached her for relying on antidepressants to treat her postpartum blues.) "She doesn't understand the history of psychiatry in the same way you don't understand it, Matt," the actor said. Mr. Lauer sputtered a response, but Mr. Cruise was adamant. "And to talk about it in a way of saying, 'Well, isn't it O.K.?' and being reasonable about it when you don't know and I do, I think that you should be a little bit more responsible in knowing what it is."

It was not the agreeable, affable Tom Cruise that viewers are accustomed to, and that alone made it worth a glance: an actor who has kicked the publicist habit.

I suddenly appreciate Tom Cruise. I think he is a complete numbskull. I think he is a cult leader. And I  think that he is a cynical little movie profiteer. I don't appreciate the content of his candor, but I am glad that we have had it. It feels akin to watching someone's whose speech you despise winning a landmark free speech case.

More, more, more.

International Harvester Ad

  International Harvester Ad 
  Originally uploaded by juggernautco.

So I have been chopping up my copy of the 1967 National Geographic and I've gotten a lot of good stuff out of it.

I've sliced up the map of Viet Nam and I'm pasting February 1967 images on each of the panels. For instance, Strawberry Fields Forever was released that month.

I've also been amazed by the amount of text that appears in each of the ads. There are at least 10 lines of text on every single page. Heavy reliance on persuasiveness. Must have been the glory days for copy writers.

Here's a Flickr photoset on the subject.

My Father's Desk

  My Father's Desk - 1 
  Originally uploaded by juggernautco.

In honor of Father's Day, here's a look at the desk of my father, who passed away in January. Here's a larger look and another one.

Richard Koppe: 15 Drawings

  Originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Here are scans of a limited edition piece by underappreciated Bauhaus guy Richard Koppe. I bought this for $3 in a garage sale in the Western suburbs of Chicago.

There is very little info on the internet or even at the library about Richard Koppe. He hung out with Moholy-Nagy and other Bauhaus heavyweights as a professor at the Institute of Design at IIT here in Chicago.

The drawings are thin clever abstract representations of fish and birds. Each is one its own page and the priniting is exquisite.

The typography is by Frank Barr, another guy I can't get a lot of info on. Marvelous stuff.

My Father's Books

  Originally uploaded by juggernautco.

My father passed away earlier this year. I took these photos of the bookshelf in his office.

Here's a larger resolution of this one, which includes such selections as Gardner's Art through the Ages and In Search of Certainty.

Here's two more high-res including The Road Less Traveled (he was huge on this one).

Lost Egg

Lost Egg
Originally uploaded by juggernautco.
Here's a stray egg nestled in hard mud.

Jay Garner Wore Khakis With Open Collared Shirts

After getting married
Originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Jay Garner was the Director of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance in Iraq for about a month before he was replaced by L. Paul Bremer, who was variously described as "admininstrator", "overseer", or "CEO".

I was always intrigued by the fact that Jay Garner never wore a suit in Iraq. Always the mock-military khaki CIA look. Here's 19 or so images of him in the same damn outfit.

L. Paul Bremer always wore a natty suit. Down with L. Paul Bremer. Down with Jay Garner.


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