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Thank You, Supreme Court, for Telling Us to Stop Doing That

Here's the NYT's lead story re: their rejection of Bush's plan to try detainees. The story was written by Linda Greenhouse, who has written on the Court for the NYT for decades. She allows herself a slightly personal take on her morning yesterday, in typical dispassionate reporter fashion:

The courtroom was, surprisingly, not full, but among those in attendance there was no doubt they were witnessing a historic event, a defining moment in the ever-shifting balance of power among branches of government that ranked with the court's order to President Richard M. Nixon in 1974 to turn over the Watergate tapes, or with the court's rejection of President Harry S. Truman's seizing of the nation's steel mills, a 1952 landmark decision from which Justice Anthony M. Kennedy quoted at length.

This was a big day for her. I love the way great reporters can get that across-- gravity and breathlessness- w/o being cloying.

The crushingness, the part that made me cry, was this:

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. did not take part in the case. Last July, four days before Mr. Bush nominated him to the Supreme Court, he was one of the members of a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court here that ruled for the administration in the case.

In the courtroom on Thursday, the chief justice sat silently in his center chair as Justice Stevens, sitting to his immediate right as the senior associate justice, read from the majority opinion. It made for a striking tableau on the final day of the first term of the Roberts court: the young chief justice, observing his work of just a year earlier taken apart point by point by the tenacious 86-year-old Justice Stevens, winner of a Bronze Star for his service as a Navy officer in World War II.

United States citizens, on behalf of the Executive Branch, have detained, tortured and killed thousands of humans over the last couple of years. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves.

But yesterday five people in a courtroom at the seat of our government, ruling on a case brought by someone who, by most accounts, is a piece of shit friend of Osama Bin Laden, and who is represented by a Navy lawyer, said to all of us, "Stop doing that. You have no right to do that".

Lt. Cmdr. Charles Swift, Mr. Hamdan's Navy lawyer, told The Associated Press that he had informed his client about the ruling by telephone. "I think he was awe-struck that the court would rule for him, and give a little man like him an equal chance," Commander Swift said. "Where he's from, that is not true."

God bless us all.

Skull & Bones Rider on the Storm

Skull & Bones, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

This is Deirdre in front of the Skull & Bones HQ at Yale. I was taking some shots of the place when a businessman bike rider zoomed in front of me.

Democracy In Action

Seriously, someone oughtta check into the reports of this rogue helicopter pilot.

Launch: Rogers Park Chicago Website

Rogers Park Chicago Website, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Today I helped launch a new website, www.rogers-park.com. It has lots of nifty features:

* Calendar based on Google calendar, which just last week allowed their  calendars to be published to a separate HTML page. Very easy to add events w/o fussy software
* Based on the TypePad weblog content management system that the client, DevCorp North, has already been using for years
* Integrated with existing Member Database based on MS Access and PHP
* Memberships available online via paypal
* Leverages the Google sitemap program and the third-party XML Sitemaps tool to make content indexable by humans, machines, and machine-human combos

Overall, it's another simple website that is easy to update, easy to find, and easy to consume.

Launch: Business Ethics Consulting Website

Today we launched the first website for a timely new company, Business Ethics Consulting Group LLC. It's a nifty fresh little site that gets all things done you'd expect to see-- about them, why you need them, how to contact them, and other things.

It also has a news section based on TypePad. David Montgomery uses the easy TypePad publishing platform to publish some great insights on moving past Enron and smart commentary on current topics in business ethics. Overall, a great new addition to the internet and the burgeoning world of RSS. Welcome them.


New TypePad Feature: "Feature This Post"

Featurethispost So today I logged in to TypePad and saw a new feature that doesn't seem to be publicized yet: "Feature This Post". It gives you the ability to promote a post to the top of your weblog regardless of publish date.

This is a really useful feature for lots of my clients who want to use TypePad as a website building tool as well as a day-by-day publishing tool. A good example is the St. Benedict Elementary School-- when I made their site a year ago, I had to create a second weblog to handle the Principal's weekly newsletter.

With this new feature, we can do sites like this in one weblog. Thanks, TypePad-- you're on the right track!

Chicago Clout List

I know that this PDF is available over here at the Tribune (thanks, Second City Cop), but they're notorious for linkrot, so I wanted to post it here to make it available for all. Looking at it makes me think of the poor humans who maintained the damn thing-- fun w/ Excel!

Chicago Clout List

Because Clauses To Date

Here's what I've got to date on the NYT Anonymity Project.

I am working my way through the archive, back to May 15, 2005, which is the date that the new anonymity policy was put into place. That means this list is not in date order.

( * = "because"):

* Congress had not yet been formally notified (Pentagon Plans Fewer Base Closings Than Once Expected )
* of a judge's order against talking to the news media about the case and pending criminal investigations in the case
to preserve relationships with interested parties who had not yet been briefed about the changes
* Colonel Pappas's punishment has not yet been officially released
* the company wanted to keep doing business with Saks Fifth Avenue
so they would not further the debate
for fear of annoying public officials or Goldman
in line with force policy
* it showed that the military takes these incidents seriously and fully investigates them
* the findings have not been publicly released
* plans for the player have not been made public
due to policy
for security reasons
* of the delicacy of the negotiations
* Japan had not formally announced its decision
* of baseball's tampering rules
* he did not have permission to speak publicly
* they were not authorized to discuss the device
* she wasn't permitted to speak to a reporter
* the session was closed
* they could not talk publicly about deals until they became official next Wednesday
to discuss internal deliberations
* he is not authorized to talk to the news media
citing agency rules    
* negotiations were still taking place with DLF's bankers
* he was not authorized to speak on the record
to discuss classified information
* they were not authorized to speak publicly about the incident
* of the sensitivity of the matter
* NBA free agents can't officially sign contracts until July 12
* he said he wasn't authorized to disclose the information
to protect relations at the studio
* they were not authorized to disclose it..
to avoid personally inflaming the dispute
(The girls would discuss this aspect of their lives only if they were given anonymity -- not surprising, considering how the prep school set more...
to protect the privacy of her ex-fiancé
* they were not authorized to speak on the matter
* of political sensitivity
to avoid angering a man who has the power to stall their projects
* he did not want to be identified as taunting Moscow
* of the ongoing discussions between lawyers involved in the case
* the investigation remains open
* it had not been officially released
* they did not wish to offend their Chinese sponsors
to speak freely about the internal debates
so as not to arouse the wrath of the homeowners' association
* the sale has not yet been completed
* the investigation had just started
* the investigation is ongoing
so the police would not readily know who he is
citing team policy
and the store not be identified * she was not authorized to speak for the company
to avoid embarrassing the 55-year-old widower she is dating
* he was speaking about another team's player
* he was not authorized to discuss the ruling
fearing retribution
so as not to interfere with the diplomatic process
* this official is not authorized to speak with reporters
in line with company policy
according to military guidelines
* the case involved grand jury proceedings..
* the Bruins hadn't made an announcement
* the discussions were private.
due to the sensitivity of the issue
for fear of immigration authorities
anonymity to freely discuss the turn of events.
to discuss the unusual friction in the Republican ranks -and- * the meetings were private
saying he feared that he would be killed
to avoid aggravating tensions between their governments and Damascus..
to discuss confidential military assessments * he is not authorized to comment publicly
* they were not authorized to speak to the media
* the talks were continuing
* he was discussing intelligence issues, said Friday, "I think they do pay a lot of attention to how the steps taken by the other work more...
* of the sensitive nature of the topic
* he did not want to be seen as critical
in exchange for agreeing to describe strategic considerations about the war
* of fears for their safety and for that of their relatives who remain in Andijon
* the talks are in flux
* the family considers the matter confidential
* of the sensitive nature of the information
for fear of reprisal from government reprisals
* of the sensitivity of the situation
* of his company's ties to the government
* the final report on the bodies' conditions has not been formally released.
* he is not authorized to speak to the media.
* the negotiations were confidential
so he would discuss internal Navy personnel matters
* a formal announcement hasn't been made and * the Cabinet session was confidential
* the information comes from sensitive intelligence methods
for fear of reprisal and for fear of retribution
* of the internal politics at the company     Note: * they were afraid to speak publicly given the pending proposals
to speak about internal White House matters
* he was addressing delicate diplomatic and intelligence issues
due to the sensitive nature of his job
under normal rules of diplomacy
* he lacked permission to speak to reporters
* he did not want to hurt relations with the government
* he did not want to be drawn into the public debate.
* he felt it would be betraying Mr. Bolani's trust.
* they were not authorized to discuss details of the trip
* his role in the events is under investigation
* of the nature of his work
* he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly
* of the covert nature of their work.
as he was not authorized to speak to media
* of the sensitivity of the matter told The Associated Press that no ransom was paid
* he still has relations with the firm
* the investigation was continuing
* he was not authorized to discuss the matter
in line with policy
* of the continuing criminal investigation...
* he was not authorized to make media comments....
* the deal was not final
* of the sensitive stage of the plea discussions
* no decision has been made
* the case has not been resolved
* he is not authorized to speak publicly about his party's strategy
to avoid being identified with the disclosure of diplomatic negotiations
* the investigation is continuing
out of concern for their own security.
* of the sensitivity of the issue.
for fear of retribution.
* he had not been authorized to speak on the matter.
citing protocol.
* Gore has not authorized them to talk about his political future.
* of the confidential nature of the information.
* of the confidential nature of the information.
to openly discuss the party's concerns.
* they were not authorized to discuss relations between the team and Brown.
* of the sensitivity of the situation

Excellent Image

A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by juggernautco.

This is a great new website about Business Ethics

This is a test of the Feedburner Buzzboost feature for the website of a friend of mine.


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