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A Month of Sansones

01-11-07, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I've checked on The 9 on Yahoo every once in a while ever since I was featured there last year for my Wide Right Turn site. One thing I've noticed is that the host, Maria Sansone, never seems to wear the same thing twice. With a little bit of Snaggit work, the answer is, at least for January, is no-- never the same thing twice. Here ya go. No, I'm not obsessed-- just another temporal collection.

Single Scariest Iraq Story I've Read in a Long Time

In an article by the reliable Marc Santora euphemistically entitled, "Missteps by Iraqi Forces in Battle Raise Questions", he lays a few tidbits out for us:

  • The civil war in Iraq isn't just Sunni vs. Shiite-- it's Shiite vs. Shiite
  • The militias-- all of them-- are better-equipped than the government
  • When the government saw a few hundred messianic Shiites gathering at a farm near the holy city of Najaf, they thought they were there to pray

Some choice portions of his article:

The battle also brought into focus the reality that some of the power struggles in Iraq are among Shiites, not just between Shiites and Sunnis. The Soldiers of Heaven is considered to be at least partly or wholly run by Shiites.

Among the troubling questions raised is how hundreds of armed men were able to set up such an elaborate encampment, which Iraqi officials said included tunnels, trenches and a series of blockades, only 10 miles northeast of Najaf. After the fight was over, Iraqi officials said they discovered at least two antiaircraft weapons as well as 40 heavy machine guns.


Government officials were quick to point the finger at Al Qaeda, alleging that it provided financing for the group. But numerous Shiite clerics, seeking anonymity for fear of contradicting the government, said it was highly unlikely that Al Qaeda, a Sunni group, would link up with a Shiite messianic group.

God bless us all.

One Thing That's Wrong With the Gap

Time Magazine has a story called, "What's Wrong With The Gap?", where they try to figure out where the previously wildly successful clothes store messed up. I've got one anecdote: I went into the Gap-- in Chicago-- in January-- to buy corduroys. They had none. They did have plenty of shorts, though. Good job, Gap.

January Shorts, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

My First Gapers Block Post

So tonight I made my first post to Gapers Block, where I'm now writing as a member of their staff. All hail Barry Rodgers!

Google Video Stats

I just recently noticed that Google Video offers (limited) statistics on how often people view your videos. I've posted some oddly popular videos, including one of the aftermath of a car accident in which the car was split completely in half and separated by perhaps 100 yards. The only thing is that they don't track referrers, so I have no idea where the traffic is coming from. Raw stats are here.

Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng at 826CHI

Last night Deirdre and I went to 826CHI to hear Dave Eggers and Valentino Achak Deng, the subject of his latest novel, "What is the What". I got there at 7:20 PM (it started at 7) and people were completely stacked out of the room. So I split. I met up w/ Dee at Filter instead. After that, we went back to 826CHI circa 9:10 just to see if we could at least get a book.

What we found was a mildly full room w/ plenty of seats. Eggers and Deng were up front, signing a last set of books. We got ours signed then sat back for an intimate hour or so of the two of them talking about the current situation in Sudan and the particulars of Deng's life as seen in the book. They decided to do a second talk for us spillover types.

Deng is a superstar. The kind of person who, in a right world, will end up being the prime minister of a sane Sudan. All hail Valentino Achak Deng.

AGFA Type Idea Catalog 1994

AGFA Type Idea Catalog, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I was going through some stuff and I found this catalog-- the AGFA Type Idea Catalog from 1994. It was the early edge of the type wave of the 90s. Carlos Segura and T-26 was asked to put it together.

It ended up being an experimental book that illustrated type in new ways other the "the quick brown fox" etc. Two of my poems were used:

Apologia by Stephen Farrell, based on this poem of the same name.
Chair-E by Jonny Stepping, created just for this publication but later ended up in Memo To All Employees (as a homonym).

Good stuff.

Tell me

That this is not the cutest birth pic you ever saw. See John Solimine-designed birth page here.

Happy Birthday, Caleb, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Knitted Trees, Logan Square, Thanksgiving 2006

On Thanksgiving Day last year, Dee and I went out for a balmy walk with the kids to Logan Square (the square itself, which is round). We came across an apparent art installation-- a grove of trees swathed in knitted cozies. Naturally, I took pictures.

Chicagoist has a story on the artists
. They are Knitta, Please out of Houston. Well done.

Logan Square Knitted Trees, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

NBA Uses Google Calendar?

NBA Uses Google Calendar?, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

A search for "Chicago" yields a ton of sports results. Unless it's automated or advertising...


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