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Wesley Willis Obituary Printing Plate for Sale on Ebay

Here's a eBay item that hits a trifecta of my obsessions (obituaries, Wesley Willis, and newspapers): Chicago Tribune printing plate from Wesley Willis' obituary.


Some new I didn't know: Wesley died on the same day as artist Johna Coplans.

Cheney Bombing Took Place Near Disney Drive

This morning I was reading the story about the Bombing of Cheney in Afghanistan in the New York Times. Looking at the associated map, you can see that the Bagram Air Base is adjacent to a "recreation and shopping area" centered on "Disney Drive". Wow, we really are doing a lot for Afghanistan!

Testing Google News Search Bar

I am trying out the Google News Search Bar above. The idea is that you can set any search parameters you want. Mine currently does "Chicago" only, but you can set any terms. Let's see how it works out.

I Support the Chicago 2016 Bid

Badge_grn The USOC's choice for the United States city for consideration as the host for 2016 is due in April. Just wanted to officially indicate my support for Chicago.

1986 Lake Shore, Wesley Willis

1986-lake-shore, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

This is one of the finest, earliest examples of a Wesley Willis drawing I have ever seen. On auction now for the next 5 hours on eBay.

Basecamp Video In The Can

So a few weeks ago I saw this call for Basecamp customers to be interviewed for short on-site video vignettes demonstrating how people use Basecamp. I've been a Basecamp customer since it started, and I live in Chicago, so I replied.

Today the 37 Signals peeps came over to the Bullet Group offices (the place I'll be working at starting March 5) on West Huron and we recorded the interview. They're just as nice as their software makes them out to be.

Some key points from the video:

  • I started off using Basecamp for personal and friends & family use
  • I moved on to doing some bigger side projects for my parish, pto, etc. It got bigger
  • Now I'll be using it for my new day job-- a growth story
  • As a technology consultant for a mid-size tech firm for years, I know what "enterprise software" is-- and it's not pretty
  • Basecamp gets out of the way wheras big software provides limitations disguised as features

Onward and forward.

Basecamp project management and collaboration

Aging Conventioneers

Despite falling to #3 convention city last year, Chicago is still the host to lots of out-of-towners with lanyards. In a few weeks we'll be host to the What's Next Boomer Business Summit from the American Society on Aging (ASA) and the National Council on Aging (NCOA). Summit highlights include topics like, "What do boomers want, buy, do, crave and need?" Ew.

Yahoo! Pipes and My Combined Feed

I finally got around to using Yahoo! Pipes yesterday, where I created my combined feed from all my disparate content publishing sources. I got the inspiration from this Lifehacker post. The cool thing about it is that I was able to query all Gapers Block posts and then ferret out only the ones I've made and add them to the feed. This is just scratching the surface of what Pipes can do. Next up is to find a way to automatically store articles with anonymity because clauses.

UPDATE: added the source of the item to the title as described by Michelle Campoeto. Thanks!

What I Try To Do On Gapers Block

So it's been about a month since I started writing for Gapers Block. I've really enjoyed it. It's something like peeing into the ocean in that there are no comments, I get no feedback as to what readers think of the post subject matter, and I never see any spin-off blog posts or conversations that flow from it.

What I like most is that I can gently, easily call out things I think are worth mentioning and know that it will reach a large, thoughtful audience. The thing I've always liked about Gapers Block since they started is that they link and get out of the way, and that's what I've tried to do. Some other rules of thumb that I try to abide by:

Men With Exercise Machine

Men With Exercise Machine, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

We were sledding at Horner Park yesterday and I saw two men walking to the parking lot with this exercise machine.


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