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Testing Amazon Context Links Beta

So I was recently talking about my book, Economics by Daniel X. O'Neil. It, in my opinion, is a pretty good book of poetry. Not as good as Frank O'Hara's Lunch Poems probably, but really good nonetheless.

Lee Godie Is Awesome

lee-godie-birds, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I've been tracking auctions of Lee Godie art over on ebay for a while now, and I am always surprised that she doesn't go for higher prices.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Fall Down

The fall of an American icon.

IPRA Award for Customer Service

Award, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

So on Wednesday I got an award from SWSRA, the Southwest Special recreation Association, for community service. I've done their website for a couple years now. Extremely nice people doing great things.

New Box Order Management Application Sneak Peek

We're developing a new online order management system for New Leaf Natural Grocery. You'll be able to sign up for delivery of fresh organic groceries right to your door. We're using the Google Maps API to manage delivery zones and their geocoding service to get addresses plotted in the zones.

Launch: Open Source Homeland

Ever since I started CTA Alerts with my brother Kevin I've been toying with the idea of Open Source Homeland. At first, I called it Open Source Emergency Response, which focused on that fact that non-injured persons in an emergency could be partners, and not obstacles, for first responders.

Seeing the Lancaster County Fire & EMS system really made me consider the idea that there were people in government who "got it"-- who understood the power of sharing information using inexpensive technology like RSS.

So I changed the name-- and the thinking-- to Open Source Homeland. Today I launched a site of the same name. Here's the About page:

This site highlights the people and tools that support the idea of Open Source Homeland— that regular citizens can play key roles in what are traditionally considered government responsibilities— disaster recovery, national security, and emergency preparedness.

Here are some recent examples:

  • Craigslist Katrina: the spontaneous offers of help and lists of the missing that were organized quickly and efficiently by regular people on a free website. Thousands of people with free tools doing what the government couldn’t possibly do on its own
  • CTA Alerts: a group of hundreds of riders of the Chicago Transit Authority who text each other with service updates. The largest contributor to this site, which I started on a free wireless network service, is the CTA itself. Government cooperating with citizens to get things done cheaply
  • Policy Analysis Market: the failed 2003 initiative of DARPA-run Terrorism Information Awareness Office. It was to be an online tool that would allow people to trade contracts on the likekihood of certain events. Subtitled “A Market                  in the Future of the Middle East“, PAM sought to use market forces to pull quality info out of normal people

In earlier times, people used spades and seeds to plant victory gardens. Now we naturally turn to other tools. With a focus on the United States, this site highlights the tools people use to be of use.

Onward and forward.


CXO Turtle Report

Turtle Report, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

So I was picking up my 2nd grader from school and I saw a set of one-page reports from the kids hanging in the hallway. They apparently each picked a different sea animal. Christian's animal was the Great White Turtle.

It's a brilliant report-- best read big-- but the best line is this: "It eats anything that does not have the word turtle in its name."

Also, the illustration of the sea turtle is disturbingly similar to the evil nutcrackers like this one over here.

BP Amoco "Feel The Love"

Loving Gas, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I get nearly all my gasoline from BP Amoco. Why? Their architecture and store design. I love it. Their current ad campaign-- hugging of gas pumps-- goes a bit far, though.

Fun With Quality Assurance!

Someone found and linked to a bunch of test entries for Amazon.com.

Another Reason Why Web 2.0 Technologies Have Utility Beyond Social Nothingness

Police Turn To YouTube to Nab Suspects

"You don't have to be a technology wizard to figure out how to watch a video on YouTube," Johnson said of the decision to post on the site that hosts millions of amateur and commercial videos.


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