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Threadless Video Shot at Welles Park


Jesus, Tony Hawk, and World Demographics

So my son Christian was thinking out loud the other day.

CXO: Are there more men in the world or women?
ME: Actually, there are slightly more women than men.
CXO: I don't know... I mean, Jesus was a man, Tony Hawk is a man, there are a lot of famous people who are men.
ME: There are a lot of famous women, too, you know...

By then he had moved on to another topic. Also, it ends up I was wrong. Data here. Intuition wins, despite questionable logic.

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Love This

CTA Needs to get All GPS-y

No reason why they can't publish real-time info on everything.

Yeltsin Dead

AP coverage.

Here's a poem I wrote 13 years ago.

Yeltsin appears in the apartment of the poet. Yeltsin’s
been drinking. He pours another. The poem itself is
read in a hoarse whisper, like Roddy McDowell
in “Planet of the Apes”

The Scolding of Yeltsin

How often does the sun come up over the hill?
At what point, exactly, does water boil and at
what precise moment did you
unlock those cages?
Someone might have told you
before you stepped into the interregnum
about amnesty to your successors.
Let the living make statues out of them––
bald and bronze. A plaything for pigeons.
Learn this by rote, like a child:
put bullets into co-conspirators
like lightning so that widows
wring their hands in the graveyard
and no men march with staves on the city center
they will never kiss again and
your last breath will
be as President and
in comfort in the
dacha south of Moscow.

February 28 1994

© 1995 Daniel X. O'Neil

Me in the Red Eye: Blogging Expert Pullquote Containing the Word "Fetish"

So I'm in the Red Eye this morning: "Blogging over?: Experts say craze fading, some say it's just evolving". I'm one of the "it's evolving" types:

Internet consultant Daniel O'Neil of Logan Square said the idea behind blogging won't go away, but personal bloggers are getting fatigued posting the minutiae of their daily lives to an online journal.

"The cultural moment of blogging ... is very 2006," O'Neil, 40, said. "The future will be ... deeper integration and less fetish."

Imus, Corzine, and Unintended Consequences

New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine listens to a question Monday, April 9, 2007, in Trenton, N.J. Corzine was injured Thursday night, April 12, in a two-car accident on the Garden State Parkway, but a spokesman said his injuries were not considered life-threatening. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

N.J. governor critical after SUV crash       

AP - 1 hour,  21 minutes ago       

CAMDEN, N.J. - Gov. Jon S. Corzine was in critical condition Friday but expected to recover after his SUV crashed into a guard rail while heading to a meeting between Don Imus and the Rutgers women's basketball team.

Kurt Vonnegut is Dead

Died last night in Manhattan. He was a great man; towering. I felt better knowing he was alive somewhere, scratching his head at newspapers. Don't know why I cried my eyes out when I learned of his death. I know he'd think it was silly, but I did. God bless us all.

Kurt Vonnegut is Dead

Relaunch KevinFinnerty.com

In anticipation of the final season of the Sopranos, I made some changes to my site, KevinFinnerty.com:

  • Poll: do you think Kevin Finnerty will return?
  • Amazon web store: why not buy your Sopranos stuff from Kevin Finnerty?
  • Map of where Kevin Finnerty lives

Let's see what happens Sunday night...

NYT Anonymity + Twitter

So I have been using Twitter to stream my NYT "because clauses". It's manual, but it's working for me.


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