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New Webinar: Ten Web 2.0 Ideas You Can Implement Today to Keep Your Intranet Fresh, August 8

Mast_ragan_logo_new On Wednesday, August 8, I will be doing a webinar for intranet / corporate communication gurus Ragan Communications. Topic: Ten Web 2.0 Ideas You Can Implement Today to Keep Your Intranet Fresh. Some of the ideas:

  • How to mine photo sharing sites like Flickr for free, relevant images for your intranet
  • How to use simple tools like Yahoo! Pipes to find competitive intelligence
  • Using Google Maps and Microsoft's Live.com to easily create secure, custom maps

More information to come. Meantime, if you are in corporate communications, consider signing up for MyRagan.com.

Second City Cop Calls it Again

News item:

Secondcitycop The father of a city alderman has been charged in an alleged fake documentation scheme following a recent raid in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood.

Federal prosecutors allege that the discount mall photo studio operated by Elias Munoz, 62, was at the center of a multi-million-dollar counterfeit ring that produced thousands of fake documents.

Munoz runs Nuevo Foto Munoz in Little Village, where armed federal agents conducted a daytime raid in April resulting in charges against 22 other people accused of participating in a conspiracy to make fake documents.

At the time of the raid, there was zero mention of the alderman or his father. Except at SCC:

The selling seems to be centered around Foto Estudio Munoz. We aren't sure if this is associated with the Foto Estudio Munoz that was owned and operated by Aldercreature Munoz mother back in the late 1990's that mysteriously burned to the ground around 2 years ago. One wouldn't be hard pressed to make that logistical leap as the aldercreature's mother was arrested on at least one occasion for producing fake IDs (charges were dropped that evening following certain phone calls.)

Also as usual at SCC, the real gold is in the comments.

Froot Loop Fascism

Froot Loop Fascism, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Here's country singer LeAnn Rimes getting all patriotic on the back of a box of Froot Loops.

God bless us all.

Froot Loop Fascism, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Subscribe To MyNursingHomeLawyer.com

So one of my clients is an attorney looking to drive more Nursing Home Abuse cases. More on that later, but here is a signup form for their nursing home lawyer RSS feed for testing purposes:

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Reading Fluency Sheets

Reading Fluency Sheets, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

So this year I helped Christian's teacher to grade the Reading Fluency Sheets. It is a pretty interesting method of assessing and improving a kid's ability to read and comprehend what they read.

The kids would administer the assessments to each other, marking down how far their partner read in a minute (speed/ fluency) and how many things the kid could tell them about the passage that they had read (comprehension). They would do this three times in a row.

Every week I had to count these numbers up and chart them on a separate sheet so that the teacher could evaluate it. Here's a huge amount of resources on reading fluency.

Reading Fluency

Section 60

Section 60, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

This image and caption from the New York Times today, Memorial Day, is a horror story to me. A crushing, intimate, stunningly obscene image of a young woman laying on her fiance's grave, on the patchy starved grass, hair up in a bun, bottle of water near. Jean jacket and blanket in anticipation of a long stay. Quiet and neat, akimbo. They're opening new real estate in Arlington Cemetery. God bless us all.

Apparently You Can't Kill 7 People Before Midnight and get Away With it in Palatine, IL

boilerplateSo a little more than a decade ago I wrote a verse essay called, "Boilerplate: Koreshians, Potential Rioters, and Bureaucratic Complicity in American Self-Destruction". One of my obsessions at the time was the Brown's Chicken Massacre, where 7 people were killed in a suburb of Chicago as they were closing a fast food restaurant. It seemed as if the murders were going to get away with it. It made people feel uneasy and unsafe. Our own little Bosnia. A precursor to Killer on the Loose, in my mind.

And they did, for a long time. But not forever. From wikipedia:

On May 10, 2007, Juan Luna was found guilty of all seven counts of murder. He was sentenced to life in prison on May 17. All but one juror had voted for the death penalty for Luna, but in Illinois the vote must be unanimous, so Luna was spared the death penalty. Jim Degorski's trial has yet to be set.

Here's the relevant chapter from Boilerplate:


Scrang the sirens go. We're led from one crisis to the
next, whether it's a hurricane or a foreign intervention or the dead at
Brown's Chicken (you can kill 7
people before midnight and get away with it) in
Palatine, Illinois. Cop shows beat us in front of ourselves.
There is no time for reflection, only a stilted
genuflection at each virtual funeral.
Quiet contemplation is discouraged— even drycleaning chemicals make us sick.
Glazed with the patina and muck of a whole culture built on destroying yesterday.
Collective memory is hosed out and
patted into caloric units of the whitewashed milquetoast truth.
Look at Ollie North— he whacked us over the head and we let him run for Senator.
That's deranged. Oh, the rabbit squeals in each ear,
the rabbit squeals indeed.

© 1995 Daniel X. O'Neil
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Hookup Near Bedrooms?

Hookup Near Bedrooms, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Looks like the realtor was going for a double entendre here-- "huge laundry room with additional hookup near bedrooms"

Google Calendar Mobile > Call it a Day for MS Outlook

my blackberrySo I've been surprised that Google Calendar did not have a mobile version. It's been the one thing that tethered me to MS Outlook on my Blackberry. But now it's over-- Google has launched Calendar for Mobile and it's everything you think it is.

Flickr User Nolareno is a Richard Nickel of Antedeluvian New Orleans

Valence St. Church May 7th (16), originally uploaded by nolareno.

I have tracked the photos of Nolareno, a Flickr user, for a few months now. They are stunning, mundane documents about the current architectural truth of New Orleans. Nolareno photographs the demolition of supermarkets, shoots wonderful snips of architectural detail, and otherwise walks and snaps as the city moves on. With very little commentary but great location detail, we see the state of 3401-05 St. Claude St., 1330 Simon Bolivar St., and 1208-12 Orthea Castle Haley Blvd. It's not all bleak, but it's all true. A fine descendant of Chicago's Richard Nickel.


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