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1970s Catholicism

scan0001, originally uploaded by Okram.

Here's me on my First Communion day at Annunciation Church in Pittsburgh. Post-Vatican II happiness and love. Fr. Rege Ryan Sr. Collette, on whom I had a crush. Felt banners and face-to-face confession. No rulers on knuckles, just nuns with guitars singing "Day By Day". I was very lucky.

Yahoo! Teachers Workshop

On Monday I am attending a Yahoo! Teachers workshop to learn about the new Yahoo! Teachers service-- the "easy-to-use site and peer network designed by and for teachers" so they can "create, modify, and share standards-based curriculum".

Yahoo Teachers

I Love My 2002 Dodge Stratus

2002 Dodge Stratus, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

So I drive a 2002 Dodge Stratus. It's not a highly-ranked car, it is discontinued by the manufacturer, and it was the subject of middle manager derision on Saturday Night Live in a Will Ferrell sketch. But I'm not ashamed to say that I love my 2002 Dodge Stratus. 103,000 miles and it drives just fine.

It's good to know who you are, and I'm just a guy who likes his 2002 Dodge Stratus.


Closed., originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Suburban homage to David Schalliol's Isolated Buildings Series. This is a firehouse in a growing suburb closed due to lack of staffing & funding.

Sorta Like CSI

Sorta Like CSI, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Poor quality paint leads to a transparent look at splatter patterns at a park district in Wheaton.


OMG a New WRT, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

When you're the world leader in collecting wide right turn signs, with about 110 separate and distinct variations documented, it's not often that you spy a new one. That's why I got somewhat excited last week over this one.

It's distinguished by having the turning graphic in-between the "Wide" and the "Turns".

Turning Public Property Private

Here's something that drives me crazy-- the owners of a HUge home at about 500 West Huron have fenced in the parking meter.

Haunted by the Vaughns

Vetting the picture of the Vaughn family taken by the Sun-Times for a real estate feature story one month before the deaths of Kimberly Vaughn and her three children is crushing. All striped shirts and vests.


  • At the center, the two of them, seated in matching high-backed kitchen chairs with hands on their own lap.
  • His right hand balled up in a loose  fist, left hand sporting the wedding ring, the symbol. he seems slightly amused, slight upturn in mouth corners, perfect beard.
  • She's tilted slightly, with very combed hair, straight and red and pretty. Red lipstick is bright and fresh from mirror as the photographer setup his camera. Striped collared shirt under v-neck black sweater, though it's bright and Spring outside
  • They are separated by nearly the width of their eldest daughter, who knows everything. She grips the tips of their chairs, mightily. She looks just like her mother-- same hair, same length, different bangs. Frilly blue shirt with protection vest left open
  • On the left, the son, at the right hand of the mother, naturally self-conscious to be photographed for the paper. Too-long striped shirt covers hands
  • The smile daughter, next to daddy, comes closest to the teeth-showing smile of her mother. Again the slight mouth upturn, she seems a cross between the parents

He is charged with killing them.

Living Room by the Expressway

I always marvel at the sometimes complex setups of homeless people. Here's a living room-style setup by the southbound entrance to the Kennedy at Western.

Anonymous & Scared

My NYT Anonymity Project is going well-- so far I've close to 150 unique reasons that people give in order to be granted anonymity as a source in the New York Times. One big motivation is plain old fear-- a large number of the reasons indicate that people are scared shitless about what will happen to them if they are found out. Some fears are more well-founded than others. Here's a few:

Here's one from the "lame excuse" category:

The guys who did a video of Kobe Bryant wishing he were traded wish to remain anonymous "for fear of retribution from Lakers fans".

On the other hand, this guy has some well-founded fears:

For Palestinians in the West Bank with family in Gaza, the distance can be agonizing. One man in Manara Square, who is originally from Gaza, was holding a picture of his cousin Samih Madhoun, a senior Fatah leader who was captured and executed by Hamas on Thursday night. Wide-eyed with fright, the man said that two of his brothers were also in the hands of Hamas, and he had no idea if they were still alive. He asked not to be identified, fearing for his relatives’ safety.

This guy has economic fear:

“It’s very media-centric,” said a director at a handset competitor who declined to be identified, saying that his company did not want to elicit comparisons with the iPhone. “It will hit one sweet spot, but not necessarily all of the sweet spots — we hope.”

Lastly, there's fear of the nation's most ruthless power couple:

One donor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he said the Clintons would not like his speaking openly, said the Clinton campaign had been trying to lower fund-raising expectations because of a concern about a surge by Mr. Obama, who has shown broad appeal among black, female and young Democrats and has captured some big-money donors like Orin Kramer, a former Clinton supporter.


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