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Basecamp Customer Video

Here's me in a video for Basecamp.


I am no longer am a part of the Bullet Group, but they still provide great IT services to Chicago-area customers.

Park Magic

Park Magic, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Just got my Park Magic via UPS-- allows me, supposedly, to pay for parking over my phone.

After the Alert: CTA worker struck at Adams

Yesterday we got a number of alerts about a disruption in the Loop. The reason was as follows:

Several trains have been rerouted Wednesday afternoon after a CTA employee performing track maintenance was struck by an Orange Line train in the Loop.

About 11:43 a.m., two CTA crew members were on the tracks just south of Adams Street when one of them was struck by a southbound Orange Line train, CTA spokeswoman Kim Myles said.

The worker did not come in contact with the electrified third rail and is ÔÇťalert and conscious," Myles said.

Fire Media Affairs Asst. Director Eve Rodriguez said one person was transported in stable condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Power was turned off on the tracks between the Quincy Street and  Lake/Wabash stops, Myles said, but was restored as of 12:34  p.m. Reroutes were temporarily in effect on Green, Orange and Pink Line trains.

This happened right outside my window at work. None of us heard anything or were stirred in any way by this worker's hurt.

Citation Movers, Inc.

Citation Movers, Inc., originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Part of the Faded Signage Pool on Flickr.

John O'Brien gets Lambert Tree Award

My friend John O'Brien got the Lambert Tree Award yesterday. It is the highest award for bravery that the City gives to firefighters each year. Thank you, John. More here.

Mr. Roboto, Runescape Style

My 8-year old son loves this video. I am very proud of him.

Essnhaus: Yes.


Last weekend we went to a waterpark in Indiana. More on that later, but we also stopped for dinner at the Amish Empire known as Essenhaus. Dems good eatin.

New York City Department of Sanitation has its own CraigsList for stuff

NYC Stuff Exchange

The NYC Stuff Exchange is a website that encourages people to buy, sell, rent, ore repair  stuff instead of add it to the garbage heap. It's a great idea, and they have lots of ways to find vendors who will help you out. One thing I'd like to see in their extensive databases is a list of the actual stuff people can buy at each place, so you can monitor the inventory of your local vendor and scoop up the good stuff.


Stretch, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

The dust stretches just like shadows to the crisp green outfield.

Run, Tony Run

Can't think of a better possible development in the 2008 presidential race: "Guiliani inspires threat of a third-party run".


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