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What in the world did Kanye West do to Evil Knievel?

Settles on the 28th, dead on the 30th.

After the alert > fire at Madison and California

After the alert, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

On November 20, 2007, CTA_HQ posted an alert that "Due to a fire activity at Madison and California, the #20 Madison buses are being temporarily rerouted."

I was driving nearby there the next day, so thought I'd investigate. Sure enough, the charred truth was there to see.

Seal of the Office of the Inspector General of the City of Chicago

I art directed this seal for the Office of the Inspector General after David Hoffman was appointed to the job. Seal actually designed & created by Eric Etten. We also made the website, where you can report corruption in Chicago. God bless us all.

Basement stairs

Basement stairs, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Edgerton, WI

112 North Franklin, Madison, WI, 53703

I lived here 20 years ago when it was a run-down 4 bedroom house in the middle of a street lined with similarly situated abodes. Nifty townhouse now. Things change.

It's Your Serve for all your process serving needs

It's Your Serve, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

It's Your Serve is the best process server agency in Chicago. More:

It's Your Serve is Chicago's premier rush process and clerking service. Chicago's prominent law firms choose It's Your Serve because of our experienced detectives, skip tracers, clerks, and specialized process servers. Call (312) 855-0303 for immediate service. We offer flat-rate pricing—no billing surprises. This unique pricing eliminates per-attempt or overtime fees on standard services—saving you money while you get the best possible service.

We also cover the entire country from our base in Chicago. So, whether you need to file a petition in Lake County or serve a defendant in Los Angeles, It's Your Serve has you covered. Your one-stop shop for all process serving needs.

It's Your Serve has been serving Chicago's top law firms, corporate counsel, and government agencies since 1993. We have long-term clients in all areas of the legal industry—law firms, federal government, state government, corporate counsel and insurance companies.

We provide professionalism, superior service, and attention to detail to all our clients, ensuring that your service is performed right. It's Your Serve represents you in the field and pledges to uphold your professional business image. Premier firms deserve premier business partners.

We are members of the National Association of Professional Process Servers. We are a Licensed Private Detective Agency (license #117-000885) and a Certified Member of The Women's Business Enterprises. Kelly Ann Kienzle is proud to be the founder and owner of this City-certified Women Owned Business.

If you're an existing customer, log in to your account to view real-time serve status. Otherwise, if you would like to create an online account, call us at (312) 855-0303 to get us working for you immediately. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a fully staffed office ready to serve you.

Awesome nature images near Vienna

More here.

Dendrocopos major (buntspecht) 2006-01

The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

This is where our billions went, our patria, our treasure.

Police Battle Lawyers in Pakistan - New York Times.

An estimated 150 lawyers were arrested in Lahore after a pitched battle between police and lawyers who stood on the roof of the High Court throwing stones at the police below. Some of the lawyers had bleeding heads as they were shoved into police vans, and some fainted in the clouds of tear gas.

In Multan, another city in the province of Punjab, two new judges who had taken the oath of office under emergency rule Sunday were forced to leave the courtroom after hundreds of lawyers threatened to throw eggs at them.

"We threatened them saying: ‘You’ve taken an unconstitutional oath, if you don’t go we will throw eggs at you.’ They left,” said a lawyer from Multan, Riaz Gilani.

God bless us all.


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