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Myron Cope is Dead, Long Live Myron Cope

Myron Cope, the man who invented the Terrible Towel, who coined the term "Immaculate Reception", who is the voice of victory in my childhood head for every 1970's Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl win, is dead.

The last line of his obituary pretty much got to me:

“I’ve often thought that when I kick the bucket, there’d be a story that said, ‘Creator of towel, dead,’ ” he remarked upon retiring from his broadcast work for the Steelers. “I would like to be remembered as a pretty decent writer.”

I am trying to find the text of a 1963 article that Cope wrote about Muhammad Ali that was listed by Sports Illustrated as one of the 50 classic sports articles. I know that he knew how to tell stories on the fly, and he wrote the stories that have stuck with me for decades.

Something True About Me

Level 7 - Mr. O'Neil, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I teach 7th Level CCD classes every Sunday morning after 9:30 Mass.

Broken tree

Broken tree, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Nature is awesome.

Winfield Mounds > Frozen Banks

The weather has been awful this winter in Chicago. But the sun was bright last week and I stopped for a quick 10 minutes before picking up the kids from school to take pics at the Winfield Mounds.

Crisp and bright, cold and freshwater rushing. Here's the whole set and here's more Winfield Mounds sets from different seasons: November 2007, Summer 2007, August 23, 2007 Storm Aftermath, May 2007, December 2006 and May 2005.

BART QuickPlanner

If you're looking to take a ride on the BART, hook yourself up right here:

My Lunar Eclipse Pics

Feb 2008 Lunar Eclipse 7, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

My new camera and zoom lens lets me do things I never could before, including zoom up moon-style the other night. Here's the whole set.

Math Crusade is Dumb

These parents crusading against their children's math curriculum make my ears bleed, even when reading about it.

But many parents are lobbying the School Board to kill the program. Opponents have submitted a petition with 1,000 names and started a Web site, http://www.pwcteachmathright.com. They have been checking out a video called "Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth."

I've come across these types of questions with my 3rd grader. They use instructions like "Show all your work. Explain in words how you got your answer (the steps you did) and why you did the steps you did to solve the problem." Kids have to actually plan how to solve a problem and write about how they went about it? Sounds good to me.

More to the point, why parents periodically get involved in these heated, psychotic battles is beyond me. We're talking about the people who work with your kids for 6 hours a day, 160 days a year. The rest is up to you. If you don't 100% agree with every single thing that happens in those 960 hours a year, so what? Get over yourself.

The Return of Oakland Crimespotting

Stamen Design's visually rich and data-intense Oakland Crimespotting is up and running again. This is a huge victory for open civic data.

God Bless Richard M. Daley, Mayor

And furthermore, God bless us all.

Wide Right Turns: Two-Lane Bus

Quite a road hog, this bus. Special entry from Matt Herlihy of San Francisco. Bonus: Matt uploaded the image to Flickr, geocoded it, and it ended up on EveryBlock.


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