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Go Get Pillbox

My nephew, Corey O'Neil, released a pretty nifty application today called Pillbox that allows you to
see Digg articles and comments in real-time. Works in the browser and as a download. Super-customizable. Recommended: the Pac Man theme.

Small Fire on Red Line Near Clybourn and Division Stops

According to posters to the CTA Alerts wireless notification utility, there was a small fire on the Red Line this morning. Riders reported service disruptions at the Clark & Division and Clybourn stops. Trains leaving the Fullerton stop during the disruption were routed over the elevated lines rather than the subway. The CTA reported that there was a 15 minute delay.

Report of Shoveled Sewage Shuts Down Quiznos

Here's a pretty disturbing press release from the Chicago Department of Public Health. Key sentence: "CDPH was alerted to the situation by a motorist who called 311 last night to allege that Quiznos’ staff was disposing of the sewage by shoveling it out their back door and into an alley."

Quiznos Sandwich Shop Shut By City Health Department: Health Violation Unacceptable

A sandwich shop on the West Side was ordered closed today after Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) inspectors discovered a critical violation of the City Health Code.

Quiznos, 1809 N. Harlem, was shut down after CDPH inspectors found sewage backing up from two drains in the food preparation area.

CDPH was alerted to the situation by a motorist who called 311 last night to allege that Quiznos’ staff was disposing of the sewage by shoveling it out their back door and into an alley. No evidence of that activity was found by CDPH inspectors today.

Quiznos will remain closed until its management has corrected the violation and passed re-inspection.

The enforcement action was the 32nd time in 2008 that Health Department inspectors have shut a food establishment for violations of the Chicago Health Code.

Representatives of the Quiznos franchise will have to explain themselves at an administrative hearing on April 17 and pay a fine expected to total $750.

Chicagoans who believe that a sandwich shop or other food establishment is operating in an unsafe manner are encouraged to dial 311 and report it.

Also closed today by CDPH was the Candlelite Restaurant, 7452 N. Western, after CDPH inspectors found sewage backing up from floor drains in the basement, which is used as a food preparation and storage area.


KFC Mipselling, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I often think civic misspellings are part of some elaborate code. I want to know them, to be on the inside, not duped or oblivious.

111,111 Miles

111,111 Miles, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Numbers are weird.

More Connections

In know that people's eyes glaze over when they see the term "Web 2.0" bandied about, but I still think it's useful in describing a set of interconnected technologies and activities. Here's an earnest attempt to define Web 3, where Vin Crosbie writes of sites like EveryBlock. He's got a pretty good example of what he means here:

The first is when people in a community wonder what's happening when they hear their town's firehouse alarm ring. The Web 1 solution is to publish a professionally reported story, with audio, video, and text, once the alarm is over. The Web 2 solution is to provide a forum for citizens in the town to speculate immediately about what's happening. The Web 3 solution is to do all of those things, plus wire the town's 911 response reporting systems to local media companies' or the municipality's Web sites so people can immediately and accurately know what's occurring.

Embarrassed @ Sports in Five

I'm pretty happy with this week's Sports in Five, mainly for the Cleveland-bashing.

Intelligentsia Police

Intelligentsia Police, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

The protective wings of the checkerboard extend past an ample back and brushes the raven hair. He's got a gun.

Listening + Learning in Oakland

Good post by Mike Migurski as a follow-up to the relaunch of Oakland Crime Spotting. The thing that I caught out of it was that he was willing to listen to the way people in city government and in the neighborhoods think about crime geographically, even if it meant adopting a mode of thinking that he was personally inclined to disagree with.

A large number of our users asked for these, though truthfully it wasn't something I expected. I've been historically critical of the forms-first approach that CrimeView Community takes ("Easy wizard interface"), eschewing it in favor of a maps-first approach. Changing standards of cheapness are a recent interest of mine, and it's cheaper to show everything.


The Police department is organized into beats, and this turns out to be the right way to interface with them if you're a concerned, active citizen. Each beat has a consistent set of officers and public contact information. Oakland CTO Bob Glaze told me the beat designations haven't changed in decades. Clearly, maps and data for individual beats were going to be necessary.

Good stuff.

One-Minute Take of Winfield Mounds on AOL Video

I took this video a while ago and put it on Revver. Interesting to see it on AOL Video.


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