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Ranalli's Not Cool Enough, Closed by Health Department

Ranalli's has no immediate need for their discarded minced garlic, since they were closed today by the Health Department.

North Side Restaurant Shut Down By City Health Department
Multiple Health Code Violations

A North Side restaurant remains closed today after being shut down yesterday when Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) inspectors discovered non-compliance with orders to eliminate an infestation of fruit flies and house flies.

Ranalli’s Up North, 1522 W. Montrose, (http://www.ranallisupnorth.com/) also was cited for a faulty reach-in cooler that was only able to chill to 50 degrees---10 degrees below the 40 degrees required by law. A number of items in the cooler, found to be at 49-54 degrees, were ordered discarded. (Milk, ricotta cheese, sour cream, anchovies, minced garlic and french dressing.)

The restaurant also was cited for a non-functioning employee restroom (the toilet did not flush).

Today’s inspection was no surprise to staff at Ranalli’s. CDPH inspected on July 22, ordered them to eliminate the fly infestation, and warned them that they would be back to inspect in about a week.

The enforcement action was the 138th time in 2008 that Health Department inspectors have shut a food establishment for violations of the Chicago Health Code. In addition to having their business license confiscated, representatives of Ranalli’s Up North will have to explain themselves at an administrative hearing on September 4 and pay fines expected to total $1,500.

Chicagoans who believe that a restaurant or any other licensed food establishment is operating in an unsafe manner are encouraged to report it by calling 311 or visiting www.cityofchicago.org.

This is a heated sidewalk. F&V Const. Co.

Here's a story about corruption involving this contractor as published in Concrete Products magazine. Basically, the company was thought to have "short-poured" concrete on City jobs and used the leftover materials for private driveways (often laid without permits).

Newly Constructed Apartments for Rent in the Longwood Section of the Bronx

Here's some news from our friends at the Department of Housing Preservation & Development:

Cedars is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for 65 affordable housing rental apartments now under construction at 745 Fox Street in the Longwood section of The Bronx. This building is being constructed through the City of New York’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Low Income Affordable Marketplace Program (LAMP) of the New York City Housing Development Corporation, Homeless Housing Assistance Program Capital Grant, The Bronx Borough President Resolution A Grant, and sponsor’s, developer’s, and private party equity.

Download this PDF for the size, rent, and targeted income distribution for the 65 apartments are as follows


Building Permit, 50 South LaSalle Street, City of Chicago

Here's "conditional permit" which is "subject to field" (presumably a field inspection). Here's the complete text of the description: DEMOLITION OF EXISTING TENANT CONSTRUCTION IN PREPARATION FOR REMODELING INCLUDING PLUMBING AND ELECTRICAL REMOVAL. -CONDITIONAL PERMIT, SUBJECT TO FIELD. Application #100208179, $50,000.

Ducklings Gone

Here's a release about the ducklings at Marshall Park, 300 S McDowell St., from our friends at the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department:


Charlotte, NC -- Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation will allow about 35 ducklings and ducks removed last week from Marshall Park to be relocated to different sites. The ducks were gathered from the park’s concrete pond before the pond was cleaned.

“When the ducklings were rounded-up last Tuesday, we had every intention of bringing them back to Marshall Park when the pond was clean,” said Michael Kirschman, Park and Recreation’s Director of Nature Preserves, “but the certified wildlife specialists who are taking care of the ducklings strongly advised us that is not in their best interests. They told us the ducklings had serious health problems caused by overpopulation in the concrete pond.”

The group’s federally-certified rehabilitators said the ducklings are under-nourished, under-developed, lacking in age-appropriate development of feathers and wings, and displaying overgrown bills (a clear sign of poor health for ducks).

Wildlife specialists recommended that the ducklings be nursed back to health, then be released to rural ponds and lakes that the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue has access to. The ducklings are now being rehabilitated at a facility managed by Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. The group says the ducks will eventually have a much better life in natural surroundings than in an urban, concrete pond.

“We know people like to see waterfowl in Marshall Park,” Kirschman said. “But the experts urged us to do what is best for the ducklings and ducks, and the best thing is not for so many of them to live in a concrete pond, where they are subject to malnutrition and overpopulation.”  Some geese and transient ducks will still swim in the concrete pond, but Park and Recreation concluded that reducing their numbers there will promote better health both for the remaining waterfowl and the relocated ducks and ducklings.

Mecklenburg County has an ordinance that prohibits feeding waterfowl in County parks.  Carolina Waterfowl Rescue says there is not enough natural food in this urban park to support a large number of ducks. 

Building Permit and General Contractor's License, 417 South Dearborn

This renovation is running about $900,000.

Nazis for Bush Stencil

Nazis for Bush Stencil, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Vintage November 1988. Inspired by this. My brother and a friend of ours made this stencil the night before the 1988 Bush/ Dukakis election and sprayed it all over downtown. Apparently had limited affect.

Public Notice re: Zoning, 4613 North Western

I wonder how this hearing went and if a beauty and nail salon was established at this location.

Former Alderman Burt Natarus

Former Alderman Burt Natarus, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I've made something of a game of spotting former Alderman Burt Natarus on downtown streets. Seems to have lost some weight lately.

New CTA Station Elevator Status Signage

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Here's the new CTA signage system for Station Elevator Status. I noted a couple years ago that the previous system was a little goofy because the information people need (whether they'll be able to get out of their destination station) is not available until you get down to the station of origin-- after the person has begun their journey.

This system is better -- it definitely organizes it way better and makes it more scannable -- but the fundamental issue remains. In fact, most of these boards are placed at the bottom of a set of stairs.

I called 888-YOUR CTA at 4:30PM on Saturday, July 19, 2008 and pushed "2". I got a detailed message that was recorded at 2PM, and they said the next update was at 5PM.

So obviously there is a person or set of people who pay attention to updating people. Why not tweet it and publish directly to the CTA Web site?


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