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Newly Constructed Studio, 1 Bedroom, and 2 Bedroom Apartments for Rent in the Claremont Section of The Bronx

Here's some news from our friends in New York City government:

Picture_9 East 170th Street Apartments is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for 77 affordable housing rental apartments under construction at 550 East 170th Street in the Claremont Village section of The Bronx. This building is being constructed through the 421a Affordable Housing Program of the City of New York's Department of Housing Preservation and Development and the Low Income Affordable Marketplace Program (LAMP) of the New York City Housing Development Corporation. See this PDF for more information on income and household size.

Here's more information on LAMP from the NYC Housing Development Corporation:

This program provides financing for affordable rental housing reserved for people earning a maximum income of up to $32,280 for an individual and up to $46,080 for a family of four (or 60% AMI). Apartments created through this program are able to be rented out at affordable rents because of the low-cost financing offered through HDC. Loans are provided to private for-profit and non-profit developers in the form of first mortgages, which are made through the proceeds from the sale of tax-exempt bonds. Second mortgages are also used with this program and are funded through HDC’s corporate reserves and typically provided at a 1% interest rate. Furthermore, by using tax-exempt bonds the development automatically receives as of right 4% Federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits, which helps to further the affordability of these apartments.

Newly Constructed Studios and 2-Bedroom Apartments in the Fordham Section of the Bronx

Picture_8 2337 Tiebout is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for 20 affordable housing rental apartments now under construction at 2337 Tiebout Avenue in the Fordham section of The Bronx. These buildings are being constructed through the Participation Loan Program (PLP) of New York City’s Department of Housing Preservation and Development. The size, rent and targeted income distribution for the 20 are here in this PDF.

Stop Work Order Notice: 318 West Adams

Stop Work Order Notice, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

July 24, 2008.
318 West Adams
Interior alterations to 2nd Floor--
No plans or permit

New Walgreens Planned > Southwest Corner of Diversey and California

You'll be stunned to hear that there's a corner in Chicago that doesn't yet have a Walgreens. I wrote to Walgreens to find out what's up. This one is going in at 2800 West Diversey. Spokeswoman Carol Hively says:

The Walgreens at  Diversey & California is planned to open summer 2009. Not all of the details are in place yet since the opening is almost a year away, but I can tell you the size of the building is 12,600 square feet and the store will have a drive-thru pharmacy window and will employ about 25 people.

Here's some images of the site being cleared by Heneghan Wrecking Co:

Cheney and the Bobby Cop, 200 S. Wabash

Cheney and the Bobby Cop, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Here's another one at the State of Illinois Building, Chicago.

Bill Approving the Creation of the Greater Cheltenham Avenue Business Improvement District Reported from Philadelphia City Council

Here ya go:

City of Philadelphia
City Council Notice Of a Bill reported from a Committee of the Council of the City of Philadelphia on Thursday, September 25, 2008:

080376 An Ordinance establishing a neighborhood improvement district in an area that generally includes Cheltenham Avenue with boundaries of Wadsworth Avenue on the west and Broad Street on the east, Ogontz Avenue with boundaries of Cheltenham Avenue on the north and 67th Avenue on the south and Wadsworth Avenue with boundaries of Cheltenham Avenue on the northeast and Michener Avenue on the southwest; to be known as The Greater Cheltenham Avenue Business Improvement District; designating Greater Cheltenham Avenue Business Improvement District Inc., a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, as the Neighborhood Improvement District Management Association for the District; approving a plan for the District, including a list of proposed improvements and their estimated cost, and providing for assessment fees to be levied on property owners within the District; authorizing the Director of Commerce, on behalf of the City, to execute an agreement with Greater Cheltenham Avenue Business Improvement District Inc. relating to the District; and authorizing Greater Cheltenham Avenue Business Improvement District Inc., to assess property owners within the District a special property assessment fee to be used in accordance with the approved plan, all in accordance with the provisions of the Community and Economic Improvement Act and under certain terms and conditions.

Patricia Rafferty
Chief Clerk

If you like this type of stuff, more here.

Troops Out Now; Healthcare Not Warfare: This Message Brought to you by Old Navy

208 North LaSalle Street, Chicago

7th Level CCD Lesson Plans

Here's a document I'll be working on for the next few months -- a complete year's worth of weekly lesson plans for 7th level Catholic religious education, cryptically referred to as "CCD".

I teach the 7th level class in the CCD program at my Parish. Here's how I'm doing the lesson plans:

  • The lessons are based on the Loyola Press textbook Jesus the Way, the Truth, and the Life, ISBN 0829415467, from the "Christ Our Life" series, for 7th Level
  • I read the chapter in the week prior to class and find things to riff on
  • I actually find the book very effective -- I was surprised about that at first. It's easy, as an urban, Generation X Catholic, to be cynical about stuff like that
  • The text does get a little hokey, but it plainly lays out a lot of the really intense aspects of Catholicism -- "You are one of God's unique special gifts to the world", etc.
  • I never print this text out and hand it to the kids -- it's just a guide to my ruminations
  • In class, we do a lot of bantering before getting down to business. It's good to let things ramble a while
  • Once we do get to the book, I read directly from it and then give my little mini-speeches that are seen in this document

If you're teaching 7th grade CCD and find yourself with a blank page, try this one.

New Affordable Housing in Boston: 533 Cambridge Street

Here's a wonderfully-colored notice from our friends in City of Boston:

We wanted to make you aware of the following affordable homeownership opportunity at 533 Cambridge Street in Allston.

Applications may be requested by email, phone or may be picked up in person at the following times:


September 25 - October 4

By calling or emailing Theresa O'Neill theresa@ahcco.com 617-248-0531.


533 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA

September 25 & 26:    Time: 1pm - 7pm

September 27:   Time: 9am - 1pm            

Deadline for RETURNING applications: 




P.O. Box 120219, Boston, MA 02112

You may also click the following link to the Boston Redevelopment Authority's Affordable Housing page for information on this opportunity:


For more information, please contact Theresa O'Neill at 617-248-0531, email theresa@ahcco.com or visit www.ahcco.com .


Apparently *Not* The Future Home of Pequod's Pizza

Looks like they won't be serving pizza here any time soon. Dempster and Birch, Morton Grove, IL


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