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New Sidewalk Cafe Permits in Chicago

 On Monday, March 12, 2009, the Committee on Transportation and Public Way of the Chicago City Council met to approve a number of planters, awnings, canopies, tree grates, and other obstructions of the public way. Here's a PDF of the entire meeting summary.

They also approved permits for 134 sidewalk permits. In Chicago, the granting of sidewalk cafe permits is a sure sign of Spring. Following is a complete list, organized by Ward, Name, and Address:

Photo by DannyBen - Creative Commons2    AU BON PAIN    200 West Adams Street
2    BLACKIE's    755 South Clark Street
2    CACTUS BAR & GRILL        404 South Wells Street.
2    PANOZZO'S ITALIAN SPEcIALTIES    1303 South Michigan Avenue
2    POAG MAHONE'S    175 West Jackson Boulevard
2    ROSEBUD CAFE    1500 West Taylor Street
2    STANDING ROOM ONLY CHICAGO    610 South Dearborn Street
2    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2234    200 West Adams Street
2    STARBUCKS COFFEE #282    555 South Dearborn Street
2    SUBWAY SANDWICHES    335 South Franklin Street
2    TAMARIND    614 South Wabash Avenue
3    CHICAGO'S HOME OF CHICKEN & WAFFLES    3947 South Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
4    STARBUCKS COFFEE #226    1500 East 53rd Street
11    FRANCO'S RISTORANTE    300 West 31st Street
25    IL VICINATO, INC.    2435 South Western Avenue
25    THAI BOWL    1049 West Taylor Street
26    LA PLENA RESTAURANT    2617 West Division Street
27    @SPOT CAFE    901 North Larrabee Street
27    D'AGOSTINO'S II    752 North Ogden Avenue
27    EL BARCO RESTAURANT    1035 North Ashland Avenue
27    FIVE STAR BAR & GRILL    1424 West Chicago Avenue
27    O'BRIEN'S RESTAURANT & BAR    1528 North Wells Street
27    STARBUCKS COFFEE #11719    116 South Halsted Street
27    STARBUCKS COFFEE #14433    946 West Randolph Street
27    SUITE LOUNGE    1446 North Wells Street
27    TOPO GIGIO RISTORANTE    1514-1516 North Wells Street
32    CLUB LUCKY, ING.    1822-1824 West Wabansia Avenue
32    FRASCA    3356-3358 North Paulina Street
32    GOLDEN APPLE RESTAURANT    2971 North Lincoln Avenue
32    JACK'S BAR & GRILL/404 WINE BAR    2856 North Southport Avenue
32    JOHN'S PLACE    1200-1202 West Webster Avenue
32    JOHN'S PLACE    2132 West Roscoe Street
32    LETIZA'S NATURAL BAKERY    2144-2146 West Division Street
32    STARBUCKS COFFEE #222    2200 North Clybourn Avenue
32    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2223    3350 North Lincoln Avenue
32    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2369    2023-2025 West Roscoe Street
32    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2403    2454 North Ashland Avenue
32    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2494    1157 West Wrightwood Avenue
32    STARBUCKS COFFEE#2514    3045 North Greenview Avenue
32    THE ASHLAND    2824 North Ashland Avenue
32    THE GALLERY CAFE    1760 West North Avenue
32    TURQUOISE CAFE    2147 West Roscoe Street
32    WATERHOUSE TAVERN AND GRILL    3407 North Paulina Street
33    STARBUCKS COFFEE #8954    4558 North Kedzie Avenue
35    ABBEY PUB    3420 West Grace Street
35    AZUCAR BAR & GRILL    2647 North Kedzie Avenue
35    DUNLAYS ON THE SQUARE    3137-3139 West Logan Boulevard
38    MARTINI GLUB    5737 West lrving Park Road.
38    STARBUCK.S COFFEE #2568    4365 West lrving Park Road
39    STARBUCKSCOFFEE#13522    3232 West Foster Avenue
40    HAMBURGER MARY'S CHICAGO    5400 North Clark Street
40    HUEY's    1507 West Balmoral Avenue
40    STARBUGKS COFFEE #2310    5300 North Clark Street
42    AU BON PAIN    161 North Clark Street
42    AU BON PAIN    122 South Michigan Avenue
42    BALLO    445 North Dearborn Street
42    BELLA LUNA CAFE    731 North Dearborn Avenue
42    CAFE MED    198 East Delaware Place.
42    CARMINE'S CLAM HOUSE, INC.    1043 North Rush Street
42    COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT    165 East Ontario Street
42    ERIE CAFE    536 West Erie Street
42    MEIJI    621-623 West Randolph Street
42    NlU    332 East lllinois Street
42    ROSEBUD STEAKHOUSE    192 East Walton Place.
42    ROSEBUD RUSH    55 East Superior Street
42    SEPIA    123 North Jefferson Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #10594    39 South LaSalle Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #10955    38 East Ontario Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #13468    1 East Delaware Place.
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #13710    30 West Erie Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #202    932 North Rush Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #216    401 East Ontario Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2215    848 North State Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2224    430 North Clark Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #223    600 North State Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2230    68 East Madison Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #225    40 West Lake Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2334    106-108 West Germania Place
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #236    39 West Division Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2401    750 North Franklin Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2484    111 East Chestnut Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2510    414 North Orleans Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2545    25 East Washington Street
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #279    202 North Michigan Avenue
42    STARBUCKS COFFEE #8972    42 East Chicago Avenue
42    STRETCH RUN SPORTING CLUB & GRILLE    540-544 North LaSalle Drive
42    SUBWAY    66 East Washington Street
42    SUBWAY    177 North Wells Street
42    SUBWAY #25917    122 South Michigan Avenue
42    TAVERN ON RUSH    1031 North Rush Street
42    THE KERRYMAN    70 West Erie Street
42    VOLARE    201 East Grand Avenue
43    ATHENIAN ROOM RESTAURANT    807 West Webster Avenue
43    GAFE BERNARD    2100 North Halsted Street
43    CATERING CHOCOLATE    1712 North Wells Street
43    CH¡POTLE MEXICAN GRILL    2256 North Orchard Street
43    CORCORAN'S GRILL & PUB    1615 North Wells Street
43    COSI    22O0 North Clark Street
43    DUNLAY'S ON CLARK    2600 North Clark Street
43    FOUR FARTHINGS TAVERN & GRILL    2060 North Cleveland Avenue
43    GLASCOTT'S GROGGERY    2158 North Halsted Street
43    GRAND CENTRAL RESTAURANT    950 West Wrightwood Avenue
43    OLD JERUSALEM RESTAURANT    1411 North Wells Street
43    OLD TOWN BRASSERIE    1209-1211 North Wells Street
43    OLD TOWN PIZZA PUB    1339 North Wells Street
43    ORSO'S RESTAURANT    1401 North Wells Street
43    STARBUCKS #272    2529 North Clark Street
43    STARBUCKS COFFEE #204    617 West Diversey Parkway.
43    STARBUCKS COFFEE #206    2063 North Clark Street
43    STARBUCKS COFFEE #217    2200 North Halsted Street
43    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2370    200-210 West North Avenue
43    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2515    2275 North Lincoln Avenue
43    TARANTINO'S    1112 West Armitage Avenue
43    THE SPREAD    2476-2478 North Lincoln Avenue
43    TRATTORIA PIZZÊRIA ROMA    1535 North Wells Street
43    TWIN ANGHORS    1655 North Sedgwick Street
43    WELLS ON WELLS    1617 North Wells Street
44    BERNIE'S    3664 North Clark Street
44    CHICAGO'S BLARNEY STONE    3422-3424 North Sheffield Avenue
44    CHILI MAC'S 5-WAY CHILI    3152 North Broadway
44    HARRY CAREY's TAVERN    3551 North Sheffield Avenue
44    MISS ASIA, LLG    434 West Diversey Parkway.
44    MURPHY'S BLEACHERS    3653-3655 North Sheffield Avenue
44    RENALDT'S PIZZA    2827 North Broadway.
44    SLUGGERS GRILL    3540 North Clark Street
44    STARBUCKS COFFEE #227    3358 North Broadway.
44    TRADER TODD'S RESTAURANT & BAR    3216 North Sheffield Avenue
44    TWIST A TAPAS CAFE    3412 North Sheffield Avenue
44    UNCOMMON GROUND    3800 North Clark Street
45    FILONEK's    6213 North Milwaukee Avenue 
45    PASTA D'ARTE    6311 North Milwaukee Avenue
46    BIG CHICKS, INC.    5024 North Sheridan Road
46    CORNELIA's RESTAURANT    750 West Cornelia Avenue
46    LAS MANANITAS, INC.    3523 North Halsted Street
46    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2335    3845 North Broadway.
46    TWEET    5020 North Sheridan Road
47    BOWMANS    4356 North Leavitt Street
47    CHICAGO JOE'S    2252-2256 West lrving Park Road
47    CHICAGO'S Pizza:    1919-1921West Montrose Avenue
47    JURY'S    4337 North Lincoln Avenue
47    O'DONAVAN'S    100 West lrving Park Road
47    ROCKWELL'S NEIGHBORHOOD GRILL    4632 North Rockwell Street
47    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2378    4553-4557 North Lincoln Avenue
47    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2449    4015 North Lincoln Avenue
47    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2491    1900 West Montrose Avenue
48    COFFEE CHICAGO    5256 North Broadway.
48    KOPI, A TRAVELER'S CAFE    5317 North Clark Street
48    STARBUCKS COFFEE #2445    1052-1070 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
48    TEDINO's    5335 North Sheridan Road
49    STARBUCKS COFFEE #11751    2357 West Howard Street
50    VIA VENETO    6340 North Lincoln Avenue

Here's a spreadsheet of the permits.

Signs of the Recovery

I thought this was an amazingly hopeful story: Former Home Depot in Milpitas to become Asian mall

Milpitas Planning Commission voted 6-0 March 11 to approve a conditional use permit allowing a Philippines-based developer to convert the former Home Depot Supply on Landess Avenue into a shopping mall with an Asian supermarket, retail, restaurant and office space.


"We envision the center to be a one-stop center... anchored on food, shopping and dining," Dinna Bayangos, an Ayafafil Management LLC representative, told commissioners.

Bayangos said the center would be anchored by Seafood City, the largest full-service supermarket chain of its type in the United States that caters to the Asian
and Filipino market.

Here's some Wikipedia info:

With the decline in the housing market , however, median sales prices in Milpitas have declined from nearly $700,000 to less than $500,000, and single-family new house construction building permits have plummeted from a 2004 average price of $949,900 to $269,400 in 2007.

So, catering to the daily needs of immigrants bumps out a Dow stock that feasted on the unrealistic rise of home prices out of the location. I like what I see. We will come back.

Complete List of Floodplain Properties Acquired by Mecklenburg County

Sometimes, for one reason or another, whether it's the whim of nature or the poor decisions of zoning authorities, humans place things where they really shouldn't be. Things like buildings. In places like floodplains. The good people of Mecklenburg County, NC have apparently has done something like that and they're now doing something about it. Here's more:

The Storm Water Services [department of Mecklenburg County government] has purchased more than 200 flood-prone structures that were in the floodplain. These buildings were in more than a dozen neighborhoods along various creeks. For a list of properties purchased through this program, Buyout Summary Address List. Money for the buyouts comes from a combination of federal, state and local funds.

Property purchased by Storm Water Services through the Hazard Mitigation Program must meet criteria set by the federal and/or state governments. Buildings purchased through the Buyout Program are demolished or relocated. The floodplain is then restored to a natural state to store and filter excess rainfall and storm water runoff.

See a complete list of properties acquired as of March 18, 2009 after the jump.

Continue reading "Complete List of Floodplain Properties Acquired by Mecklenburg County" »

Me @ City Hall

This morning at 10AM in City Council Chambers, 121 North LaSalle, I will be speaking before the Joint Committee on Finance and Committee Economic, Capital and Technology Development of the Chicago City Council (agenda here) in support of the TIF Sunshine Ordinance. Here's the statement I'll read.

Launch: Demolition Hold List

Today I put a new thing on the Internet: Demolition Hold List, Chicago, IL: A place for info about architecturally significant buildings in danger of being demolished (or are already gone). Please take a look at all of the great buildings and, if you can, contribute photos, text, and memories of the buildings listed there.

I wanted to write down how I made this site because I think it could be useful to others in creating Web communities from spreadsheets and other structured text.



  • All of the information that originally populated this site was taken from the "Demolition Delay" page of the City of Chicago Department of Community Development Web site on Friday, March 6, 2009. I say this with specificity because the status information for each permit may have changed between that day and Monday, March 9, 2009, which is the day I set up automated tracking of those pages. This info was simply copy/pasted from City Web site
  • I placed all of the records in chronological order in a text file using TextWrangler, "a very capable text editor". There are many such tools in the world, but I like this one
  • I cleaned up the text in a number of ways, but mainly I did the "Text > Remove Line Breaks" thing. When you do this-- and then remove the stray lines between each record-- you get a nice clean set of lines with consistent text strings
  • These "text strings"-- or word patterns-- are the key to making the spreadsheet, which is the key to then doing all sorts of other stuff like working with developers and publishing the info in bulk
  • For instance, in every line, we've got this string-- " Date received: ", or "space-Date received-space". All you have to do is do a search and replace-- search for every instance of " Date received: " and replace it with "tab-Date received-tab". Then you can do this all the way down the line, every time you want to have a new piece of info in a new field
  • The reason to chose "tab" is because you're going to end up with a "tab-delimited file", or one whose fields are separated by tabs
  • Once I have all of the natural fields separated, I save the document out of TextWrangler and open it as a spreadsheet in OpenOffice
  • If I did it right (and it will probably take a few times of re-importing), all you have to do is add column headers and you get something like this-- a sharable, downloadable, publicly updatable, syndicatable list of items
  • The next thing I have to do is modify this sheet so that you can use it to import the contents as posts in WordPress. The guy who made this nifty utility has a sample file that requires a very specific format for the upload file
  • The main thing you need to do to conform with this format is to pull a lot of the data from separate into columns in a way that makes sense. The first step is to create new columns right next to each content type so that each post can have a set of text that makes sense. In other words, you have to put the phrase, "Permit:" next to the permit number, "Applicant:" next to the applicant name, and so on
  • Once you've got that, export the file to a CSV in pipes-delimited format. Open that file up in TextWrangler again and do some more copy/ paste replacing to get the post content into one column. The main thing is to go back to all of those columns you made and smoosh them together with the text that it relates to. For example, replace "|Permit:|" with "|Permit: " (keeping the initial pipe, so that the import script knows where the column starts, but removing the second pipe and replacing it with a space, so that it flows nicely with the content of the next column). Then replace "|Applicant:|" with " Applicant: " (replacing the pipes with spaces)
  • When you're done, the file will look something like this-- formatted perfectly for uploading into WordPress
  • Now you've got to set up a Web host and install WordPress. Sign up for a cheap Web host that offers one-click WordPress installs-- Hostmonster w/ Fantastico costs something like $110 for two years with unlimited domains. Crazy. There's a ton of WordPress support as well. Get a mitt and get in the game
  • In order to interact with your server, you've got to have an FTP client. I like Transmit
  • Use Transmit to upload the CSV utility to the proper directory, and then you're ready to import the posts. In about 5 seconds I had a Web site with 231 unique pages
  • Here's the big question-- how the hell do I keep up with the changes to the source data? One solution is Versionista. They automatically watch flat HTML pages and let you know when the page changes. You can even subscribe to the pages in RSS. This is where it gets a little squirrely. I want to be able to automatically pump these changes into my spreadsheet and the Web site, but since the City of Chicago site often goes down and throws a 404 error, the system thinks that the page has changed (and it has) and that the change is relevant (but it isn't)
  • There is a Yahoo Pipe to help manage the changes as well (must enter this Versionista address: http://versionista.com/pub/16576/1/1/). I learned this from the people over at ProPublica. More to come on that. Anyway, for now there is some human action that has to occur. God bless us all.

Lincoln Marsh, March 4, 2009 > Unfocused Geese

And in-flight, in a focused fashion:

Lincoln Marsh, March 4, 2009 > Geese, Geese, Geese, Geese

See the whole set here.


20,11,13,15, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

This is on Western north of Armitage. I'm pretty sure they meant, "2011 - 15 N. Western". Oh well, it's not like it's written in stone or anything.

LaVerne & Dan Rostenkowski Outpatient Surgery Center

In honor of Election Day in Illinois' 5th Congressional District, I give you this-- the last named vestige of a great man, a Congressman, the one they seek to replace. Great as in "big and strong". Larger than you, literally. He was our ways and our means. His wikipedia page is a speck next to Joe the Plumber. Now he's on a wall facing the expressway, at 2525 South Michigan Avenue. He deserves better. Much better.

Abandoned protest

Abandoned protest, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Outside of the Chicago Public Schools headquarters, 125 South Clark Street, circa 6:15 PM, after the protest against school closings.

Google & Yahoo! Are Interoperating Like it's 1999

My brother Kevin has this Web site called CTA Tattler. When I made the current incarnation of the site a few years ago, we added a Yahoo! News Feed in the center column. The feed was made by doing a search of Yahoo! News for the phrase "cta chicago", getting the RSS for that search result, burning it at FeedBurner, and configuring BuzzBoost to display the headlines as HTML. It worked great for years.

The other morning Kevin wrote to me telling me that the Yahoo! News feed was no longer showing up on the site. When I logged into FeedBurner, they asked me to consolidate my feeds on my Google account. That process worked fine. When I was looking into the issue, I saw that we were getting a "URL: 999-Unknown" Error. Like the feed couldn't find the source for the content. Lots of people having this issue, and almost all of them are with delicious feeds. Delicious is the Yahoo! bookmarking service. Since my issue was with the Yahoo! News service, it began to look like there was a pattern. In fact, a FeedBurner admin has this to say about the issue a month ago:

We have been trying to contact the right people at Yahoo to solve this problem, but it has not been resolved as of yet.  You may wish to do the same.

Upshot: Yahoo! and Google, two of the largest service providers on the Internet, are having trouble interoperating on one of the fundamental building blocks of the interlocking Web-- RSS feeds. Not a good thing for anyone.

Upshot for CTA Tattler: I burned a new feed-- this one is a search of Google News for the phrase "cta chicago". It's now up & running in the center column. A less diverse Web.


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