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My Nature Photography, 2007 - Present

I often fancy myself a student of nature, and from time to time I take the time to photograph it, often in manic, repetitive fashion. I also revel in the sometimes jarring and breath-taking moments of nature near the urban. Some favorite places are the North Park Nature Center at Pulaski and Foster in Chicago, Herrick Lake on Butterfield Road in Wheaton, Winfield Mounds on Winfield Road in Winfield, and any lick of nature I can get as cars whiz by. 

In the last few years, in the course of my travels for work &etc, I've continued this avocation. So I decided to collect my favorite nature photos together. Here's the complete set on Flickr and here it is as a coffee table book on Qoop. Here are some of my faves w/ notes:

I live in Chicago, where Jens Jensen used to be a superintendent of the park district. One of the greatest deciders of how we should approach nature used to be a city official designing ways we can encounter nature. I am so lucky. This is Humboldt Park, which he made.

The Prairie River of Jens Jensen, Humboldt Park, Chicago, IL > January 1, 2007

I've documented the devastating affects of storms over the last few years. This is in Indian Boundary Park in Chicago.

Storm Damage (This Is Where Paper Comes From), Indian Boundary Park, Chicago, IL > August 25, 2007

This is a trail near the airport in Pittsburgh. Just a few steps from the road and you're different.

Stones in Shallow Water, Woods Near Coraopolis, PA > October 25, 2009

If you go back to a place often enough, Ansel Adams shows up. Herrick Lake ftw.

Ripple-Autumn, Herrick Lake, Wheaton, IL > October 23, 2008

There are quiet battles everywhere. Winfield Mounds for the umpteenth time.

Snow Fights Sun for Control of Tree, Winfield Mounds, Winfield, IL > January 13, 2009

When you have no idea what you're doing, sometimes you can make cool mistakes. Clanging birds overhead, turned fast at Lincoln Marsh in Wheaton.

Unfocused Geese, Lincoln Marsh, Wheaton, IL > March 4, 2009

Sometimes birds are vain. This one sat for me + the kids at Lincoln Marsh.

Serene Stillbird, Adult Female Red-Winged Blackbird, Lincoln Marsh, Wheaton, IL > May 23, 2009

The process of manicuring fascinates me. This is behind a karate school in Carol Stream, IL.

The Land Behind Superstar Karate (Prairie Battles the Mower), Carol Stream, IL > June 3, 2009

Even buying Indiana fireworks can be a nature photo op. Krazy Kaplans, of course.

Nature Near Krazy Kaplans, Hammond, IN > July 2, 2009


Duck Snacking on Pond Algae, Herrick Lake, Wheaton > July 27, 2010

Thanks for scrolling!



I love these. Thank you for sharing. You are inspiring me to get out my camera again. Your attention to detail is wonderful.


Thank you for sharing. These a wonderful photographs with such attention to detail. You are inspiring me to get out the camera again.

Thanks so much!

Daniel X. O'Neil

Thanks, Marchie!

Curious Ellie

I liked these photos the most:

  • Mr. Duck,

  • the Hammond, IN version of "A Darkling Plain" (second photo from the end- it is spectacular) and

  • This is how paper is made.

What a charming title for your blog! It struck a chord for me. I'm good at critique and derivative works, a la Creative Commons, but not at original content creation, alas!

I landed here via the staff link page from Everyblock. I live in Phoenix, AZ which is not covered by the service. Would you actually find it helpful if I find data sets for this area and send to you as indicated on your (and Everyblock's) bloc? I could (probably) find some, as I'm a statistician formerly employed by State of AZ (prior to budget cuts). But I wanted to confirm that Everyblock is active, not defunct nor "on hold", as I haven't heard any publicity (not that means much, what with glut of stuff and start-up's in LBS lately), but more significantly, the presence of your your resume on this site. I was uncertain if you were still with Everyblock.

Actually, I also wish Everyblock would hire me for a position like yours, covering the West Coast and Phoenix in particular. Seems like you do interesting and meaningful work at Everyblock.

If you want data sets for AZ, please use my contact info from my Gravatar. I apologize for cluttering up the clean concise lines of your blog with my over-long comment!
-- Ellie
PS Please edit this comment for content, as I don't mean to sound like I'm prying!

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