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Black and White Swing Seat

Black and White Swing Seat, originally uploaded by juggernautco.


The President is on the wall, at an empty desk, while the First Lady is surrounded by the hubub of a desk full of children and artwork

P112910SA-0315, originally uploaded by The White House.

New "Welcome to Roscoe Village" Painted Sign on Roscoe at the Train Tracks

It seems as if the old purple sign at 1800 W. Roscoe had been that way for decades, that's why I was surprised to see this background color-fixup today.

Red Tailed Hawk Searches for Squirrel Meat at the North Park Nature Center

We went there today. Love that place, 5801 North Pulaski Road. Here's the bird taking off (sorry it's not centered!):

Red Tailed Hawk in Flight at the North Park Nature Center

Fun With the OED: Who Knew that Wazoo was less than 40 years old?

It seems that the word "wazoo" was coined in the California Pelican magazine at the University of California, Berkeley in 1961. Thanks, OED!

wazoo, n.

slang (orig. and chiefly U.S.).

Show pronunciation* Show etymology* Hide quotations* Show date charts*

    1. The buttocks; the anus.
  Freq. as a (euphemistic) substitute for ass in fig. phrases, as pain in the wazoo, etc.
1961 Calif. Pelican (Univ. Calif., Berkeley) May (back cover) Run it up yer ol' wazoo! 1971 Wall St. Jrnl. 20 Apr. 1 Golf itself is quite safe, the greatest risk being the possibility of a long drive plunking some poor fellow in the wazoo. 1975 San Francisco Chron. 14 Feb. 40 Dating is a real pain in the wazoo. 1995 Esquire Oct. 60/2 When we step forward to seek acclaim, to be raised up above the crowd, we can expect spears up the wazoo. 2002 Sunday Herald (Glasgow) 13 Jan. (Review section) 16/5 Every band of half-wits that sails out of the NME's wazoo is immediately hailed as next in line for The Beatles' throne.

    2. up (also out) the wazoo: in great quantities, in abundance, to excess.
1981 Syracuse (N.Y.) Herald-Jrnl. 5 Jan. D8/3 There comes a time in performing when you just do it. You can have theory up the wazoo. 1983 Amer. Bar. Assoc. Jrnl. (Nexis) June 69 834, I had done well{em}law review, Coif, American Jurisprudence book awards up the wazoo. 1991 T. DEITZ Soulsmith 10, I know for a fact that he's well provided for and insured out the wazoo. 2003 L. BLOCK Small Town 453 There'd be security up the wazoo, cops and Secret Service agents a mile deep.

The President Points from the Midriff While Discussing the Situation on the Korean Peninsula. Also, he wears Calvin Klein socks, which should not in any way make you think there is a "Back to the Future" thing going on.

P112310PS-1132, originally uploaded by The White House.

Calvin is best viewed large. I very much trust our President and the people who speak with him in windowless rooms.

Our Lady of Consolation Outbuilding

Shawn-Laree and I went to a family event in Carey, Ohio over the weekend. We went to see the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation.

Awesome Catholic place.

Ducks in Watery Green Leaf Water, Herrick Lake, October 27, 2010

If only ducks would yield fully to my sense of symmetry. Almost.

I'm Fascinated by the Fashion District

I love walking in the Fashion District in New York. The idea of raw materials always intrigues me-- that stuff I always see fully-formed was at first just bolts. And these are just cultural documents, our trim and buttons and taffetas, helping make us whole.

Two things worth noting here

P111710PS-0269, originally uploaded by The White House.

1. Powerful people love to point.
2. Joe Biden is the first Catholic Vice-President.


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