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Homage to David Schalliol (Steak and Shake, West Chicago)

Steak and Shake With Worker, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

There are many types of isolation on the prairie. See complete set, including tank and warplane at the VFW, here.

Testing EveryBlock Uptown Widget

Birds in Formation

Birds in Formation, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

I keep looking at this, trying to see if it spells anything out or sends a secret message.

This is Why the New York Times is Worth Paying For

Four New York Times journalists -- ANTHONY SHADID, LYNSEY ADDARIO, STEPHEN FARRELL and TYLER HICKS-- were kidnapped earlier this month in Libya. Today they jointly published the first-person account of their ordeal in an article titled, "4 Times Journalists Held Captive in Libya Faced Days of Brutality".

It is incredibly gripping. Here's a snip where they write of their driver:

From the pickup, Lynsey saw a body outstretched next to our car, one arm outstretched. We still don’t know whether that was Mohammed. We fear it was, though his body has yet to be found.

If he died, we will have to bear the burden for the rest of our lives that an innocent man died because of us, because of wrong choices that we made, for an article that was never worth dying for.

No article is, but we were too blind to admit that.

All hail these great American artists and their employer.

Trip to Boulder

Boulder Comes in to Focus, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

Here's a set of images from my recent trip to Boulder, CO.

Wherein I Walk Into a Bookstore in Boulder and Find a Copy of My Book from 16 Years Ago

Every time I travel to another city, I locate the best used bookstores and go there so as to build my poetry book collection. I search for books under a number of criteria:

  • Small press chapbooks published in the city or region where I am currently traveling (the goofier, smaller, more obscure the better).
  • Books signed by the author, and hopefully personalized in a very intimate fashion. The best thing about these books is that the book was then sold by the book receiver for circa two dollars.
  • Pretty much any oddly-designed book from the 1970s and 80s.
  • The last thing I look for is any book written by me. The process for that is to go alphabetically in the Os. If I see a book by Michael Ondaatje next to one by Ovid, I know that they do not have any of my books for sale.

As you can imagine, this is almost always the case. But it wasn't yesterday. I was at Red Letter Book Store in Boulder, CO. an I found a review copy I sent out in 1995. I apparently *was* going to give the book to "Mark and Julie", and right now I can't remember who those people are (help?).

One cool thing is that it includes the two things I always put in my review copies-- the "coming soon" sheet for the new titles that were coming out soon (none of which ever came out, btw) and a promotional poster designed by Jonny Stepping.

Sometimes it's nice to have a background as a mildly successful but ultimately failed poet. Yesterday was one of those days.

Last Night's Moon

was good for humans.

Supermoon over Boulder

Propagation Animation of the March 11, 2011 Honshu Tsunami Event

One of the most frightening visualizations of a natural event that I have ever seen.

We live on a very small planet. Let's be nice to each other and be brave in the face of our smallness.

The President Has Two Old-School Phones Next To Him When He Talks to His General. Also: Need to Switch Out that Oval Office Art, Mood Ring-Style.

P031411PS-0562, originally uploaded by The White House.


Need an Free, Hi-Res, Creative Commons Image of a Male Eastern Bluebird in Springtime? Here ya go.

Male Eastern Bluebird Detail, originally uploaded by juggernautco.

See the whole set of me chasing this guy around the Lincoln Marsh over lunch today. More on this bluebird character here.


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